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Major accelerators

We invite you to explore the basic plans of the world's major accelerators so that you can truly appreciate the differences in accelerator designs.

SLAC: Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, in California, discovered the charm quark (also discovered at Brookhaven) and tau lepton; ran an accelerator producing huge numbers of B mesons.

Fermilab: Fermi National Laboratory Accelerator, in Illinois, where the bottom and top quarks and the tau neutrino were discovered.

CERN: European Laboratory for Particle Physics, crossing the Swiss-French border, where the W and Z particles were discovered.

BNL: Brookhaven National Lab, in New York, simultaneously with SLAC discovered the charm quark.

CESR: Cornell Electron-Positron Storage Ring, in New York. CESR performed detailed studies of the bottom quark.

DESY: Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron, in Germany; gluons were discovered here.

KEK: High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, in Japan, is now running an accelerator producing huge numbers of B mesons.

IHEP: Institute for High-Energy Physics, in the People's Republic of China, performs detailed studies of the tau lepton and charm quark.